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Civil Discourse, the Online Oasis, is As Good As You Make It
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Civil Discourse Where Readers are Valued and Writers Are Cherished

Some Timeless Topics

Obama's Radical Centrism
He's no lefty, but he needs to stir some hash. Public Affairs

Reactionary Liberalism
Too many progressives have lost their way. Politics

Unforgivable sin, or necessary evil? Ethics

Slavery and the Civil War
150 years later, the South is still in denial. Society

Irish joke, funny. Black joke, insult? Society

Crazy About God
When faith and reason collide... Ethics

Rethinking the Death Penalty
Timeless arguments, changing attitudes. Ethics

Sushi, Schmushi
Let's admit it: Sushi is the most over-rated foodstuff in the world. Slice of Life

Forever Young
Sure, Vince stinks now. But they can never take away what he did that night. Sports
Civil Discourse, the Internet Oasis, is back!

After a hiatus, Civil Discourse is up and running again. Please join our effort to bring civility to online conversation. Click here to learn what CD is all about, here to see our master forum page and here for tips on starting or joining discussions. Post often, spread the word about us, and let's all get Civilized.
Remarkable Prose and Poetry>
A special passage, a turn of phrase... The Arts

Way Cul Lyrics
Share the lyrics you just can't forget. The Arts

Chesapeake Memories
Gunkholing the big bay with Capt. Murmur. Sailing Yarns
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